I am an avid writer and I enjoy preparing, editing, and reviewing manuscripts on topics related to the urban environment.  I also take pleasure in writing about my travel and research experiences in foreign countries.  I have published my research in scholarly books, scientific journals, professional magazines, society newsletters, and industry reports.  I am currently writing in three areas of scholarship:  (i) the history of urban climatology; (ii) the use of field methods to identify Local Climate Zones in cities; and (iii) the application of urban climatic maps to spatial planning and climate-sensitive urban design.

As a critical thinker and philosophical mind, I naturally question the sources, methods, and authenticity of data used in the climate sciences.  I feel strongly that literature quality — not quantity alone — should reflect the stature of a field and the competence of its researchers, and that scientific communication should be rigorous, reliable, open, and ethical.  In my own critical assessment of these criteria in the urban heat island literature, I found its quality to be compromised by historical inaccuracies and poor scientific practices.

For a full list of publications, see my CV or Google Scholar profile. 


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Book chapters

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Articles in refereed journals (first or second author)

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Technical reports

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News articles

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