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My colleague Gerald Mills (University College Dublin) and I recently published The Urban Heat Island – A Guidebook (Elsevier).  Heat islands have been observed and documented in cities for a very long time, but until now there have been no published guidelines to steer this work.  Our book is a best-practice guide to observing and analysing the effects of cities on surface and air temperatures.  It gives practical instructions for how to plan, execute, and communicate an urban heat island study.  The book also gives a wide range of climate mitigation and adaptation programs related to heat island management.  Our hope is that the guidebook will clear up some of the confusion in the field, while giving students, researchers, and educators a set of tools and methodologies to work with.  The book is available from Elsevier, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Stewart & Mills 2021

By agreement with the publisher, a pre-publication version (PDF) of the Guidebook is available for free distribution.  Interested readers can email me (iain.stewart@utoronto.ca) or Gerald Mills to request the PDF.  See also this IAUC Special Report, which gives a preview of the Guidebook’s content and format.

Stewart & Mills_2021

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