Urban observations, Seattle.

Welcome to my website!  My name is Iain D. Stewart and I am a researcher and lecturer in urban climatology and sustainable urban development.  In this role I currently wear two hats:  one as a fellow of the Global Cities Institute in Toronto, and the other as a research associate in the Faculty of Energy Systems at Ontario Tech University.  Throughout my career I have held professional appointments as a teaching fellow (Dept. of Geography, University of British Columbia), a postdoctoral research fellow (Dept. of Civil Engineering and the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design, University of Toronto), a research associate (Dept. of Geography & Environment, University of Western Ontario), and a visiting researcher (Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, Universidad Nacional de Colombia). 

My passion in urban climatology has always been research and writing, but recently I’ve taken a strong interest in classroom teaching.  In 2019, I developed and launched the first edition of UCC—Urban Climatology Course at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Manizales.  I taught the second edition of UCC six months later in the city of Medellin (Colombia).  After a 2-year hiatus, UCC returned to Manizales for a third edition in July of 2022.  If you’d to host the UCC program at your university or institution, send me an email.  You might first wish to read this special report on UCC in the Quarterly Newsletter of the International Association for Urban Climate

The following pages contain information about my work in geography, urban climatology, and sustainable cities.  I have created separate pages for research, publishing, teaching, speaking, and conference activity, as well as my recently published guidebook on the urban heat island effect.

© Copyright Iain D. Stewart 2022

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